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How Would You Like to Double, Triple or even Quadruple Your Business this Year? We help Medical Practices Just Like Your’s Establish a Consistent, Dependable, Steady Stream of Loyal Patients and Increased Profits.


  • Stop wasting your advertising dollars.
  • Stop letting potential patients fall through the cracks.
  • Start booking more patients immediately!
How We Get Results

Are You Struggling To Market Your Medical Practice?


Feel Like You’re Flushing Your Advertising Dollars Down The Toilet?

You are not alone! We hear those same comments from doctors who reach out to us every day. If you’re not getting the return on investment that you were hoping for with your online marketing campaigns, then please read on. Let’s face it, wasting money is counterproductive to reaching your business goals.

We help medical practices just like yours establish a consistent, dependable, steady stream of loyal customers and increased profits. Most digital marketing agencies, or SEO firms focus on how well you rank in the search engines. At Patient Rocket, we focus on revenue. All we care about is how much money you make in your business. We do everything we can to understand your business, and how we can help you improve your profit.

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Dr. Yamen Korab

Make Your ROI Soar

With help from Patient Rocket, you can multiply your medical office’s return on investment exponentially. Here’s how we make that happen:

Attract new patients with an improved online presence.


Nurture potential patients through customized messaging and proven methods.


Improve quality and effectiveness of patient follow-up interactions with automation.


Double, triple, or even quadruple your lead conversion rates.


Spend more time focusing on other parts of your practice and let the marketing work for itself.


Grow your practice while spending less time and money on marketing.

Make Your Marketing Dollars Work for Themselves Using The Latest Practice Automation Tools

Anything that you do more than once in the patient lifecycle should be automated. We use proven software to automate as many patient touch points in your practice as possible. This uses less of your time and money, and achieves better results. We customize all automation so that your patients still receive personalized interactions.

How Does Our Medical Practice Marketing Solution Work?

Patient Rocket works by integrating your social media platforms, booking software, calls and text messages to make the patient experience seamless. We help medical practice owners just like you attract and retain happy customers.

Automate Your Marketing

Why pay someone to manually book appointments, follow up with patients, or ask for reviews when it can be done for you? Patient Rocket will automate these tasks and give you more time to spend actually interacting with patients in your office.

Reputation Mangement

Patients typically read reviews before selecting a healthcare provider. But it can be time consuming to get patients to write those reviews. Our service guarantees you get more reviews, which leads to more patients.

Let Your Profits Soar!

Now just sit back and let the process work on its own. Our software will make your practice run so much more smoothly and make your marketing budget go so much further. What are you waiting for? Call us today to get started!

Customized Patient Interactions


Automation that doesn’t seem… well, automated.

The last thing you want is for your marketing to seem like it’s coming from a robot. At Patient Rocket, we understand how important it is for marketing to still have a personal touch, even if it is automated. We know that your business is unique. So we build a custom solution for every client. That’s why all of your patient interactions will be customized for your practice.

Reputation Management


The best way to do business is with loyal customers.

No one likes being forgotten about after an appointment. Our long-term nurture strategies will follow up with potential and past patients to maintain the relationship and sell new services. With targeted re-marketing campaigns and automatic review requests, we will keep your patients coming back for more.

Hassle-Free Appointment Scheduling

The days of only being able to schedule an appointment over the phone are long gone and Patient Rocket can help your practice catch up. With Patient Rocket your clients will be able to book appointments at any time from practically anywhere using social media and text message. Watch how fast your calendar fills up with our services!

All Inclusive Marketing


Maximize your time and budget with our all-in-one marketing solutions for medical practices.

Patient Rocket’s program includes lead generation and marketing efforts across a variety of platforms. By incorporating social media with text messaging, email, and phone calls, our program reaches an exhaustive amount of potential patients. And the best part? It’s all controlled from one easy to use dashboard.

Booking Automation

Patients can easily book appointments right from your website or through text message.

Dashboard Access

Get all of your important metrics, all in one single place, in an easy-to-read format.

Reviews Widget

Gather and respond to reviews easily to boost your search rankings and patient trust.

Web Directory Listings

Get your name out there with automatic postings to a variety of business directories.

Reputation Management

Gather and respond to reviews easily to boost your search rankings and patient trust.

Website Chat

Interact with current and potential patients in real time right on your website.

Patient Contact Info

An easy way to get the contact information you need to reach a patient.

Mobile App

Enjoy access to your dashboard at any time with a customized app right on your smart phone.

App Integration

Some of your favorite business apps integrate into our service to make your life easier.

Lead Management

Close more deals with better customer follow up and lead management.

Outbound Calling

Connect with prospects directly from our dashboard with just one click.

Unified Messaging

Keep your branding consistent with unified messaging across ll platforms.

We Will Help You Turn Your Practice Into a Business That Will Provide Wealth, Fun, and Financial Freedom

Even if you have the perfect staff, competitive pricing, and a gorgeous office, you still may not be generating the maximum amount of business. Why is that? Many medical practices are missing a key piece of the puzzle: marketing. Patient Rocket uses proven strategies to get more clients in your door and more money in your pocket. And we do it all while spending as little of your marketing budget as possible. The team at Patient Rocket has spent countless hours fine-tuning our service so that you can get the most results for your money. Whether you need help recruiting new patients, getting more value out of existing patients, or spreading the words about new services, we can help. Contact Patient Rocket today to learn more.

Are You Ready To Attract & Retain More Patients?

Request A Demo today to get started on our proven path to success. We help medical practices just like yours achieve superior results and get more out of their marketing budget. If you are a small to medium-sized medical practice that is tired of wasting time and money on marketing that yields few results, give us a chance.

Patient Rocket can help you establish a consistent, dependable, steady stream of loyal patients and increased profits using the latest marketing automation technology.

Patient Rocket is a marketing firm that helps small to mid-sized medical practices gain traction and retain patients though proven marketing strategies and automation. Request a demo of our services to see how our process works. Then give us a call to get started and learn how we can help your practice.

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